Harbers Sheet Metal Ltd. employs the best designs and quality work to elevate your air flow systems to the next level.


From the Ottawa Valley and across the United Counties of SD&G, we've designed comfortable and livable air flow systems for families of all shapes and sizes.


We have extensive experience designing, fabricating and installing air flow systems for small to medium commercial needs. 


Tailor Made in Eastern Ontario

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, we can fabricate and install a duct system that will be tailor made to your needs.  Because we custom make our duct, using quality products, you can be sure that your duct system will fit properly, work efficiently, and provide you with the utmost comfort.  


Providing Custom Solutions for your Business

Harbers Sheet Metal can provide custom ductwork for most commercial applications.  Our shop is fully equipped with modern fabrication tools, capable of cutting and bending heavier gauges of sheet metal for larger jobs.  We are able to provide both acoustic and thermally insulated ducts, and have provided many local offices, restaurants, stores and factories with quality air distribution systems. We are also able to design and install duct systems using round spiral duct.  Our installers are fully licenced and have been trained in all required manners of safety and fall protection. 


We provide top-quality custom sheet metal fabrication and sale of sheet metal for all your needs.

Our fabrication shop is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, capable of fabricating almost anything you require.  From custom flashings and chimney caps in a variety of colors, to duct fittings for the do it yourselfer.  We provide light welding services and sales of sheet metal in a variety of sizes and gauges.  We also stock a complete inventory of sheet metal boots, elbows and pipe for those who want to install their own ductwork.


We sell, install and service HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators) units that are now mandatory in all new construction homes. They maintain the quality of air in your building by exchanging stale humid inside air, with fresh air from outside while recovering heat from the expelled air. This translates into direct energy savings while maintaining healthy environment for your family.

We are factory trained, vanEE air exchanger distributors and installers.


We create ventilation design, heat loss/gain calculations and duct design reports. Our technicians are fully certified and meet all Ministry of Housing requirements. 

What we need to help you get a building permit.

We require a full set of blueprints of your building project. These can be sent to us via email, drop them off in person or if we are in your area, we will gladly pick them up.


What is needed to obtain your building permit?

Go to your local municipal office as a starting point and find out what reports you need. From there, we can provide the necessary HVAC forms such as:

  • Ventilation design
  • Heat Loss/Gain Calculations
  • Duct Design